Reconnect offers consultancy and training for businesses to understand their customers and adapt the experience and environment on offer. We are specialists in improving customer service, specifically to cater for customers with Dementia – crucial for service sectors including retail, leisure and hospitality.


Communication Skills
Communication Skills
Good communication skills are essential in life and business, regardless of where you work or who you communicate with. This hands on interactive course, focuses on developing effective communication and interpersonal skills.
Customer Care & Communication
Customer Care & Communication
This practical course will provide lots of opportunity to participate, enabling delegates to have a much better understanding of why customer service is so important and what they can do to ensure they provide the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction at all times.
Dementia Training
Dementia Training
This course is designed to enable your staff to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of the ways in which dementia affects people, and the impact that this can have on your business. Participants will explore factors that can affect communication, and start to develop strategies to help overcome potential barriers.


Take 3 simple actions to help those affected by dementia

Have a trained workforce and raise awareness of dementia Review your HR policies – how can you support and enable staff who might be [...]

Dementia – it’s everyone’s business.

Dementia is the greatest health challenge of our time. It goes beyond health and social care and every one of us can do something [...]


A moving example of some dementia characteristics such as, memory loss, confusion and anxiety.


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