Stigma around dementia exists, mainly due to the lack of public understanding and the effects of the disease. Although there has been more awareness through the media, we need to develop a culture of understanding through training and education.

A social change is needed for the ageing population we live in. Stigma around dementia can have a significant impact on well being and quality of life. People living with the disease feel misunderstood due to myths and misconceptions about the disease.

We need to build dementia friendly communities in our towns and cities and embrace training and education to support people to live well and as independently as possible.

Everyday situations in shops, on the high street, in a bank etc, can become fraught with distress, embarrassment or anger, when someone with dementia struggles to understand or communicate something in a moment of memory loss or confusion.

Failure to recognise the practical¬† difficulties of someone with dementia isn’t acceptable in society today. A person with dementia may be influenced by an environment that is unable to support or meet their needs along with misunderstanding of behaviour and expressions displayed by people with dementia.

Clearly there is still a lack of understanding for many when it comes to dementia. There is a need for training in businesses and services with customer facing staff to enable support for people.

Are you prepared for an ageing population?