As the number of people with dementia is growing, estimated that by 2021 there will be over 1 million people with dementia in the UK, it’s likely that a number of your customers will be affected by it.

You may have already experienced this at your place of work, where a customer may have displayed some of its characteristics such as, confusion, memory loss and anxiety.

Therefore wouldn’t it be advantageous if your staff had the skills and knowledge to help make every customer experience a positive one? If you can understand and help a person with dementia feel less stressed, more relaxed, and overcome some of those day to day challenges, they will definitely want to return to your business. Not only is this beneficial to the individuals involved but also to your other customers, carers and staff.

It’s also be possible that a number of your staff will have relatives that have dementia, and may in fact be in a caring role. Or an employee may have received a diagnosis of dementia. By becoming dementia trained, this will enable your business to consider ways in which you can support staff and future proof your business.

Becoming a dementia friendly business is your chance to give back to your loyal longstanding customers who may have developed dementia, demonstrating that you take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and value your customers.  It’s also a great way to enhance how your customers experience your brand and boost your reputation.