Reconnect offers consultancy and training for businesses to understand their customers and adapt the experience and environment on offer. We are specialists in improving customer service, specifically to cater for customers with Dementia – crucial for service sectors including retail, leisure and hospitality.


Stigma around dementia exists, mainly due to the lack of public understanding and the effects of the disease

We aim to get your business to reconnect with people living with dementia.

We need to develop a culture of understanding through training and education

We need to build dementia friendly communities in our towns and cities and embrace training and education to support people to live well and independently where possible.

Everyday situations in shops, on the high street, in a bank etc, can become fraught with distress, embarrassment or anger, when someone with dementia struggles to understand or communicate something in a moment of memory loss or confusion.

Failure to recognise the practical  difficulties of someone with dementia isn’t acceptable in society today. A person with dementia may be influenced by an environment that is unable to support or meet their needs along with misunderstanding of behaviour and expressions displayed by people with dementia.


  • Raise business profile, having a positive impact in becoming a dementia friendly business

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of dementia for frontline staff, enhancing customer service

  • Develop strategies to support those with dementia, through good practice and communication

  • Build staff confidence so that they can make a difference in their local community

  • We are keen to work alongside businesses, making it possible for you to provide or enhance services that are sensitive to the needs of those living with dementia, which is crucial in securing a positive impact for businesses and those accessing services.

A Growing Problem

More than 850,000 people have been diagnosed with dementia in the UK. The forecast is it will increase to 1 million by 2025 and 2 million by 2051. Early retirement of people diagnosed with dementia costs businesses £627 million a year in England alone. Evidence suggests having an inclusive service, can improve and enhance productivity and performance.

A Positive Outloook

Dementia is not just another medical diagnosis. How we think about and behave towards people with dementia both have a profound effect on how the condition affects the person and how it develops. Providing the best support for the person with dementia means understanding how to communicate, react and interact to meet their needs.

Leading Industry

With so many people living with dementia naming shopping as their favourite activity, there is a big opportunity for retailers like us to improve their lives. “Every retailer wants to provide great customer service to all their customers. If everyone made small changes, collectively that would make an enormous different to people with dementia. (Tim Fallowfield, Sainsbury’s Company Secretary)

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